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Consultation Required to Start

Which platform are you familiarized with?

Trello, Monday, Slack, Google Workspace, Wix, Shopify, Go High Level, Instagram, Facebook, Tweeter, TikTok, Google Ads, Quickbooks, Zoom, Smartsheet, Canva, Affinity Products, Squareup, and more!

How can I keep track of the time spent on my projects or tasks?

Via your dashboard, you will have a weekly report. Daily, via the workflow and communication tools.

Can you accomodate more services for me?

Yes!, Let's meet and see if we can provide what's needed.

Once a member, How fast can we start?

Pay before Friday and we can start the following Monday. 

I don't use any online platforms or tools, Can you recommend some?

Yes!, We can find platforms and tools that are better suited to your business. 

Can I change my plan?

Yes!, It will take effect on the next billing cycle. 

Which industries do you work with?

Any service provider and e-commerce. I have worked with home improvement contractors, cleaners, private investigators, hairstylists, language tutors, and more. For e-commerce, we have worked with women's accessory designers.



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