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Tech Mastery Suite

Tech Support Services for Streamlined CRM Setup and Maintenance

Welcome to our comprehensive Tech Support Services specializing in Systems and Process Improvement Technology Integration, particularly centered around CRM setup, maintenance, and optimization. We understand the crucial role Customer Relationship Management (CRM) plays in modern business operations. Our services aim to enhance your CRM capabilities, ensuring seamless workflows and efficient management of customer interactions.




- CRM Setup and Configuration: Complete setup of CRM systems tailored to your business needs.
- Automations and Workflow Enhancement: Implementing automation processes and refining workflows for maximum efficiency.
- Marketing Funnels and Lead Sales Pipeline: Design and setup of sales funnels, lead capturing, and pipeline management within the CRM.
- Email Setup and Drip Campaigns: Configuring email systems, creating drip campaigns, and managing communication strategies.
- Data Management: Adding, updating, and removing data to maintain accuracy and relevancy.
- Inbound and Outbound Communications Setup: Setting up channels for seamless inbound and outbound communications.
- Integration Management: Adding integrations to CRM systems to enhance functionality and connectivity.


Our team of dedicated tech experts ensures that your CRM system is not just a database but a dynamic tool that fosters growth, customer engagement, and operational efficiency. 



  • $57 per hour
  • Packages start at 10 hours per year to fit your maintance needs.
  • Enjoy up to $115 in monthly savings with increased hourly reservations.


Weekly progress reports are available.

Tech Mastery Suite

  • Get more hours and save! The regular price per hour is $57.

    • Purchase 20 hours and save $57.
    • Purchase 40 hours and save $115.

    We start with 10 hours.

  • This package exclusively covers the services provided and does not encompass any additional fees associated with your systems.

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