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Production Crew

Virtual Assistance for Production Companies

Streamlining operations from script to screen, play, commercial, or stage – a warm welcome to producers, directors, and writers seeking great collaborators.


Why Choose Us? We Are Solution Driven!

Image by Jakob Owens
  • Experience in Agile Project Management
  • Performance Arts and Industry-Specific Expertise
  • Providing Time and Cost-Efficient Solutions
  • Efficient Financial Strategy for Tight Budgets
  • Dynamic Booking System for Overlapping Schedules
  • Regular Equipment Audits to Avoid Equipment Shortage
  • Unified Communication and PM Tools for Updates
  • and more!

Por qué elegirnos

Your Dedicated Team Member

Hello! My name is Lei. My journey in the arts began with completing studies in Theater Arts and Performance at the University of Puerto Rico. This foundation not only nurtured my passion for performance, where I've had opportunities to participate on various stages, but also for the intricate workings behind the scenes. I've shared insights and lessons with aspiring performers, helping them navigate their artistic journey. My voice has found its way into corporate narratives, and my project management skills have supported music artists in their creative endeavors. Working alongside casting directors, I've also been part of pairing talent with the right roles. Beyond the spotlight, I pride myself on my problem-solving skills and commitment to ensuring everything runs smoothly. After all, in show business, time and quality are of the essence.

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